The indomitable Marie-Antoinette

The indomitable Marie-Antoinette
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The indomitable Marie-Antoinette

Simone Bertière

Traduit en anglais par Mary Hudson

The Indomitable Marie-Antoinette: The title is perhaps surprising to an English-speaking public who know the ill-fated queen primarily as a pleasure-seeking and insensitive girl who liked to party, heedless of the world that was crumbling around her. In this new, exhaustive biography of the Austrian-born French queen, the highly esteemed author Simone Bertière re-reads the innumerable source materials available about her and comes up with a startlingly new picture of this greatly misunderstood queen, transplanted into the soil of Europe’s most powerful kingdom, just as it was suffering the death throes of monarchy and the birth pangs of republican government.

Why “indomitable”? Because however frivolous her tastes might have been, especially as a young woman, the fierceness she showed in her determination to get what she wanted was only matched by the utter resistance she put up to anything she didn’t. She rebelled vehemently against the crushing weight of the official duties of a queen of France. She refused to sacrifice her private life to her queenly functions. She dared to lead her own independent existence according to her tastes, careless of the fact that she thus invited malicious gossip and alienated public opinion. But her energy and intransigence, long wasted on trivialities, metamorphosed into true greatness when she faced her ultimate trial.

Simone Bertière’s engaging style and exceptional ability to empathize with the very human feelings and reactions of the historical figures she studies, make this compelling biography a great joy to read.

Mary Hudson has a Ph.D. in French Literature. Her translation of Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Féerie pour une autre foisFable for Another Time – received the Modern Language Association’s first prize for the translation of a literary work.